30 Day Vlogging Challenge… and it begins!

Well.  It’s official, I have launched into the strange and mysterious world of video logging.  While I’ve had heaps of blogs here and there, this 30 day VLOGGING challenge is what inspired my to start, this here website, www.awordamongmany.com  So here goes.

I feel so blessed to live this life that I lead. Yes, I am undeniably human.  Full of faults, mistakes and repeating patterns but I’m also full of abundant creativity and a fire under my bum that motivates me to create, to cultivate community, to build bridges and to start things… I’m already on Day 9 of the Vlogging Challenge as I start up this website, and feel that while it’s strange to put your heart on your sleeve for the world to see, there is something freeing about it and something refreshing about a forced daily reflection. 😉


I’d love to hear from you about how these little daily windows reflect your own struggles, endeavors and perceptions of the world.  We are all connected, after all, we are all words among many…

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