Streamlining Social Media

As an event organizer, jewelry designer and co-founder of the Guam Art Boutique, I find myself juggling a lot of social media baskets. From my personal account (@awordamongmany) to my business accounts (@guamartboutique & @blueambertrio) it’s a lot to manage. That’s why I’m grateful for Hootsuite. By deeming one day a week as social media

Blue Amber Trio is back on the beading train!

One of the blessings of Jill-of-all-trade-dom is that there is never a dull moment. At the same time, once-loved activities often fall to the wayside. It feels amazing to be back on the beading train. The last several months have been made up of mostly wire work and stretchy bracelets and now I’m back to

30 Day Vlogging Challenge… and it begins!

Well.  It’s official, I have launched into the strange and mysterious world of video logging.  While I’ve had heaps of blogs here and there, this 30 day VLOGGING challenge is what inspired my to start, this here website,  So here goes. I feel so blessed to live this life that I lead. Yes, I